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Bopo Women

About Bopo:


As women, we’re told to wax off, blend in, blow out. Cover, correct, conceal. Show less skin. You look tired. Give us a smile.

Bopo is for women who are sick of being told how to look, and how to think. They'll never convince you of an impossible beauty standard, then lead you to products that promise to get you there. They'll never champion body positivity, then edit, alter and airbrush women. They'll never tell you to celebrate your stretch marks - then sell you a body scrub to remove them.

Bopo Women products will never claim to change, tweak or fix you. Rather, they’re meant to cocoon you, care for your skin and create space for you to reconnect with what matters most. Inspired by the treasures shining bright in all of us, their natural recipes, shimmering oils and floral infused lotions are the ultimate act of self-love and appreciation. They’re beautiful beyond measure, and that’s the only time we put beauty on a pedestal.

Why we love them (and you will too!):

  • All Natural products
  • Made for Sensitive Skin
  • No Animal Testing
  • Vegan friendly
  • No TEA, DEA or toxins
  • Made in Australia

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Aphrodite Perfume Roller


Bath Trilogy Set


Moonchild Perfume Roller


Dreamer Perfume Roller


Self-Love Gift Set


Super Soother Face Oil 50ml


Self-Love Body Oil


Luminous Perfume Roller


Mini Face Oil Trio


Summer Solstice Body Oil


Ethereal Perfume Roller


Ember Perfume Roller


Sacred Surrender Bath Soak


Goddess Bath Soak


Halo Hair Drops


Seeds Of Spring Body Oil


Tansy Cocoon Body Oil


Empower Facial Cleanser


Amethyst Facial Roller


Gentle Hydrating Moisturiser


Daydream Bath Soak


Moonchild Essential Oil Blend


Blue Butterfly Enzyme Sleep Mask | 50g


Hormone Hero Face Oil 50ml


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