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Indoor Plant Soil with Neem 3.5L

This peat and coco coir free mix is specially formulated for optimum plant health and to discourage pesky Fungus Gnats, one of the most common indoor pests. Containing the added benefits of neem granules, which are not only naturally high in nutrients, but are also said to help form a protective barrier just under the soil's surface, which may deter fungus gnats and their larvae*.

Directions of use: Gently remove plant from its exisiting container. Lightly loosen any bound roots, making sure thatno damage is caused. Shake off any old soil. Place a small amount of Indoor Soil Mix in your vessel. Align the base of the plant stem so its just below the top of the container. You don't want to bury the plant too deeply. Add soil mix as required around the plant, pressing the soil down lightly. Water in well and top off when needed.

• Made in Australia
• Resealable Pouches

Shipping Details Unfortunately we cannot ship soil products to WA, NT & TAS or internationally.

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