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Soil Bulking Mix 3.5L

Create a high quality growing medium out of any potting mix or compost! Containing the benefits of charcoal, coarse perlite, Neem granules & quality orchid bark, Houseplant Hoarders Soil Bulking Mix is convenient, cost effective & easy to use. You control the chunkiness of your mix so are able to tailor make the perfect medium to suit your watering style and plants living conditions!

THE BENEFITS: - Creates a chunkier free-draining mix that is less likely to become waterlogged or contribute to root rot - Helps remove toxicities from soil & assist in draining excess moisture from potted plants through the use of horticultural charcoal - Reduces soil compaction & encourages aeration to plant roots thanks to coarse perlite & quality orchid bark - Contains the benefits of Neem Granules

DIRECTIONS OF USE: Combine Houseplant Hoarders Soil Bulking Mix with your potting mix or compost. The more you add the chunkier & more free-draining your mix will become

• Made in Australia
• Resealable Pouches

Shipping Details Unfortunately we cannot ship soil products to WA, NT & TAS or internationally.

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