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Support Value Pack 1.25kg - We the Wild

Perfect for the repotting season or those with an indoor jungle, our Support Pellet value pack is the best bang for your buck. Developed to form and strengthen healthy root systems, and transform soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth.

* Best value for money. 
* Packed full of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. 
* Perfect to use when repotting or in topsoil.
* Can be used with water propagations, hydro and semi-hydro growing. 
* Won’t shock plants or burn roots; safe for all plants, year-round. 
* All products are certified organic, pet safe, Australian made & scientifically backed. 

What is it?  A value pack of our slow release pellet fertiliser packed full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, hormones and - a plant’s best friend - mycorrhizal fungi.

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